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People`s Reaction to Inter-Ministerial Projects of the Akpabio Administration …many voices, one verdict
26 Jul 2010

As the Inter-Ministerial Direct Labour Coordinating Committee (IMDLCC) train moves from one Local Government Area to another to commission and inaugurate life-changing projects delivered to the people at the grassroots by the Akpabio Administration, it was joy and jubilation all the way for rural communities, sub urban villages and even the city centers, from the ocean banks of Ibeno, to the creeks of Eastern Obolo, down to the estuaries of Itu and raffia belts of Ikot Ekpene, the people were unanimous in expressing appreciation at the occasion where anticipation and promise melt to give birth to fulfillment. United in their support for Governor Akpabio’s administration and commending his exemplary leadership adorned with good governance and praying for extension of his tenure, the sincere expressions of the people across the various communities, simply speaks of many voices, but one verdict.

At Ibesikpo Asutan, the Local Government Council Boss, Barr. Chris Essien observed that Chief Akpabio had more than fulfilled all his electioneering promises, describing him as a leader that responds to the yearnings of his people. In the same, former Chairman of Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission and community leader, Obong Elder Edem Akpainyang saluted the benevolent spirit of the state governor and expressed the appreciation of the people for the various developmental projects cited in the area. They pledged their continued support to Chief Akpabio.

When the train moved to Etinan, the applause was loud. The Paramount Ruler of Etinan, His Royal Highness, Edidem Ime Dickson Umoette gave kudos to the governor for his vision and developmental strides of the state. He urged his people to give Chief Akpabio maximum support to enable him do more. The Etinan Council Boss, Isantim Kenneth Okon declared that, Chief Akpabio was indeed demonstrating a practical commitment in enhancing the socio-economic fortunes and well-being of the rural dwellers not only in Etinan, but across the 31 Council Areas of the state; Hon. Okon described the many projects embarked upon by the present administration as an unprecedented feat. He added that “the determination of the Governor to transform the state has been a major challenge which has propelled him in his leadership service to the people. He used the occasion to reaffirm his people’s maximum support to the present administration beyond 2011.

The trip to Ibeno was no different. The Council Chairman, Dr. Regina Egbe described Governor Akpabio as an embodiment of vision, dynamism and excellence. She re-echoed her people's continuous support to the present
administration even beyond 2011. Earlier, the Secretary, Ibeno Traditional Rulers Council, Obong Effiong Achiara expressed the people's unreserved appreciation to the Governor, and expressed confidence in his leadership, harping that Chief Akpabio was certain to do more if given another chance come 2011.

Stopping over at Oruk Anam, the radiating joy was infectious. The council helmsman, Dr. Daivd Umoessien, re-affirmed his people's explicit confidence in the present administration, and avowed supports to Governor Akpabio’s mandate even beyond 2011. He maintained that his people were proud of the historic moment when tangible democracy dividends were being inaugurated in their communities giving them a sense of belonging in the state.

Eket was not to be outdone in returning gratitude to whom it is due. At a civic reception organized for Governor Akpabio and the Inter-ministerial train, the Chairman, Eket Local Government, Barr. Emmaunel Udoh expressed deep appreciation to the State Government, and remarked that, besides the projects commissioned, Eket was also witnessing the ongoing State-of-the-art rehabilitation work at Emmanuel General Hospital and 49 new roads among others; noting that the Governor has truly made Eket to retain its traditional name of "Home for the Whites" He pledged his people's support for Governor Akpabio beyond 2011. HRH Edidem Timtiniko Enodien, the Paramount Ruler of Eket disclosed his heartfelt appreciation to Chief Akpabio adding that because of his (Akpabio's) magnanimity, Akwa Ibom is one of the few States in the country which has become a construction site where projects are being executed. Moving a vote of thanks on behalf of Eket people, Chief Jack Udota, who represents Eket in the State House of Assembly, assured the governor of the people's continuous support and unalloyed loyalty beyond 2011.

On arriving at Ikono, the atmosphere was pregnant with effusive prance. Barr. David Udoh who heads the council commended the State Governor for all the commissioned projects and pledged his people's full support for Chief Akpabio's second term bid. Speaking glowingly of the State Governor, when the Inter- ministerial train stopped over in Obot Akara, the Council Chairman, Barr. Shilling Paul, quoting Greek philosopher Plato, said that, Governor Akpabio had, indeed, met the basic needs of the rural dwellers and regained the role required of it for democratic accountability, thus, positively touching the lives of the governed through the many developmental projects executed in the rural areas and by this, realized the perceived needs of his people". Barr. Paul appreciated the governor and expressed the happiness of the people for the projects sited in their domain and accommodating them in the scheme of things. He assured that the support of his people will not be found wanting in the re-election bid of the governor.

When the Train hit town in Ikot Ekpene, it was celebration all the way as the people rolled out the drums. Council Boss, Pastor Sunny Ibuot stated that Governor Akpabio has given true meaning to democracy in the state as evidenced in the many developmental projects executed by his administration. He said his people would line behind the governor come 2011 to re-elect him to accomplish his vision. It was even so, very eventful when the train stormed Uruan. The Chairman of the Council, Dr. Eventus Edem registered the deep appreciation of the people for what he described as the numerous projects implemented by the State Government. He pledged his people's uncompromising support for Chief Akpabio and his second term come 2011.

Ikono was agog when the train arrived the area. Expressing the deep appreciation of the people, Barr. David Udoh observed that the package of the State Governor was a largesse for his people and expressed their total support and loyalty to Chief Akpabio's second term bid. It was happening for the Governor when his train berthed at Essien Udim. Council Boss, Mr. Nse Ntuen described Governor Akpabio as a sincere and trusted leader whose passion is to see to the development of the state. Mr. Ntuen declared that his people were exceedingly delighted and proud of the achievements of Governor Akpabio and the projects he has cited in their domain. He went ahead to pledge his people's total and unrelenting support for the Akpabio led administration beyond 2011.

Udung Uko was not left out of the party. The Council Boss, Barr. Asuquo Anwana led his people to accord a very warm reception to the inter-ministerial train. He noted with delight the zeal with which Governor Akpabio was pursuing the issue of rural development as manifest in the massive execution of projects scattered across the state, which according to him, has added to the structural development of the area in that they have touched on the lives of the people thereby justifying the massive support enjoyed by the present administration from the people of Udung Uko. He promised that his people will continue to partner with and support the State Government and ensure that Chief Akpabio gets elected for another term in office.

The people of Ikot Abasi had reason to rejoice when the train made a stop-over in their domain. The Area's Caretaker Chairman, Elder Archibong Umoh, thanked Chief Akpabio for having a good heart for the people. He assured that the people of Ikot Abasi will stand as one in their support for the Governor's second term bid, come 2011. The Chairman of Onna L.G.A, Deaconess Owoidighe Ekpoattai, while lauding the many achievements of the present administration as monumental and quintessential, she said that the administration’s programmes are aimed at remodeling and re-branding the state. She noted that the people were impressed by the action-packed and result oriented leadership style of the State Governor and promised that the people of Onna would stand by him come

A similar feeling was expressed in Etim Ekpo when the inter-ministerial train came calling. Council Chairman, Barr. Ikpe Udoka, while commending the State Government for the many developmental projects executed in the council, said that, his people have been better for it, under the current administration and pledged their unflinching support for Governor Akpabio's second term bid. His words found support in the weighty voice of the Paramount Ruler, HRH Edidem Ebong Akpan Nkanta, who expressed his people's gratitude to Chief Akpabio and
re-affirmed their full support for him.

It was also a momentous occasion when the train made it to Nsit Ubium. Speaking through their Chairman, Surv. Chris Ekpo, the people noted that their Area is a great beneficiary of the present administration, not only because
of the many developmental projects sited there, but because their son and daughters occupy key positions in government. Surv. Ekpo pledged his people's continuous support for the State Government and their support for Governor Akpabio's second term bid.

The people of Ibiono Ibom thronged out in their thousands as elsewhere to receive the train. The chairman of the council, Obong Godwin Ekpo, described the Governor’s programme as a "work to chart the path to development as all - inclusive, well thought out, multi-pronged and sustainable, thereby providing several life-improving schemes in all sectors of the state”. The Paramount Ruler of Ibiono Ibom, HRH Edidem Ime Udousoro, expressed deep appreciation to the Governor and pledged his people's absolute faith and support for his second term aspiration.

The music of celebration was in the air at Eastern Obolo when projects were inaugurated there also. The Paramount Ruler, Apostle (Edidem) Owen Sylvanus Ukafia, commended the Governor for his sterling performance and prayed for him and the State. Council Chairman, Chief Francis Charles Uduyok could not hold back his joy as he extolled the milestone achievements of Chief Akpabio, describing him as a detribalized statesman, while expressing his people's total for the Governor beyond 2011. In his own reaction, Elder Aniekan Akpan, of Ukanafun, was full of praises for the State Government under the leadership of Governor Akpabio for all the laudable projects sited in his area and pledged the support of his people for the Governor's second term bid as non- negotiable.

At every council, the train was greeted by a mammoth crowed whose leaders spoke in one voice - Chief Akpabio has performed exceedingly well. The chairman of the Inter-ministerial Direct Labour Committee and Akwa Ibom State Finance Commissioner, Mr. Bassey Albert Akpan stated that Governor Akpabio has justified the mandate given to him by his people and charged the benefiting comminutes to guard jealousy and protect facilities provided by the government from being vandalized.

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