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Vision of Rural Industrialization Based on Agricultural Products:

"We don't want to rely on oil, we are making efforts to re-engineer our agricultural sector and increasing our internally-generated revenue," says Gov. Akpabio. The present administration has reformed the agricultural sector and made it atractive as a business venture to ensure that Akwa Ibom people at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.




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Utilises our abundant natural resources and abundant arable land to promote food security, availability and improved nutritional standards through enhanced crop yield, farm mechanisation, and making agri-business an attractive enterprise for upcoming youths and established businesses.

  • Services
    • Integrated Farmers Scheme (IFS)
      The state government's Integrated Farmers Scheme (IFS) makes farming appealing to the youth as an employment alternative. The scheme exposies youths to modern farming techniques while encouraging them to embrace farming as a vocation through capacity building and empowerment strategies.
      Fertiliser Supply
      Akwa Ibom farmers enjoy efficient and effective fertiliser supply for improved farm yield, fertiliser being a significant farm input affecting crop production
      World Bank intervention community based natural resource management project to reduce farmers’ input cost and post-harvest losses. The FADAMA III encourages farmer cooperative participation in cultivating specific agricultural products for food security which entitles them to draw from financial grants
      Farmer Support
      The state government prides itself in a beneficial handholding with farmers to ensure their sustainable livelihood and improved yields for food security
  • Impact
    • Food Sufficiency
      Strategies have been put in place for year round availability of farm produce and adequate nutrient consumption
      Attractive Revenue Alternative
      By significantly managing the value chain for the State's farmers we have ensured that farmers get adequate value for their efforts
      Enabling Environment
      Deliberate State policies and impactful strategies have made agri-business a welcoming environment for families, women, and youths of Akwa Ibom State
      Employment Generation
      Active participation and appealing ethics in the agricultural sector have engaged a significant proportion of otherwise unemployed able bodied men and women in a most sustainable way
      Wealth Creation
      Scalable throughput in the industry has profited all levels of players to keep them coming
  • Policies
    • Strategic Food Production Plan
      Managment of a mix of food crops, cash crops, livestock, poultry and fisheries have to ensure meeting demand and supporting the economy
      Grain Storage Programme
      Pragmatic buffer strategy to balance consumption, production, and seasonal changes
      Farm Subsidy
      Farmers in Akwa Ibom enjoy direct or indirect payment, economic concession, or privilege to move in, stay, produce, or market farm produce to protect the bigger objective and public good of food security
      Foreign Partnership
      The state manages a voluntary relationship with foreign conglomerates who have made commercial success of agriculture to turn the State into an agricultural power-house
  • Projects
    • Oil Palm Production
      With over 2,000 hectares of oil palm plantation in about 300 communities for the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil Akwa Ibom is set to be a regional force in this ever important commodity
      Rice Cultivation
      With large scale production and promotion of commercial rice farming Akwa Ibom State through foreign partnerships Government has eyes on the export market after filling local demand
      Tractor Leasing
      The ministry leases tractors to rural farmers to reduce drudgery and stress in farming, increase cultivable space, ensure speed in cultivation, facilitate processing and storage as well as increase income
      Investment in Livestock
      Livestock farmers are supported with investment in facilties such as incubators for the production of day old chicks and structures for production and supply of high quality breeding animals
      Accelerated Livestock and Fish Production Programme (ALFIPP)
      This Programme is designed to boost intake of animal' protein by the average Akwa Ibom person and generate employment for 30,000 people

Agriculture in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State with with a land mass of some 8,412 square Kilimetres and much arable land in West Africa's rain forest with a population of over 4million people at a density of 350 inhabitants per square Kilometres is naturally endowed as a food basket in spite of her enormous hydrocarbon deposits that supports the entire Nigerian economy.


In terms of employment, agriculture is the dominant economic activity of Akwa Ibom State. Agriculture supports households of about 75% of the state's population, the rural economy is agro-based, and the state is a powerhouse for various agricultural products such as palm oil, cassava, yam, cocoyam, plantain, maize, rice, rubber, and many varieties of fish and other sea food including catfish, barracuda, sardines, bonga, croaker, shrimps, crayfish, snappers, bivalves, squids and oysters..


Factors that favour agriculture in Akwa Ibom State abound such as favourable all-year round climate; abundance of rich fertile soil; talented, skilled, and able-bodied manpower base.

Agricultural Products open details
  Food Crops  
  Arable Crops  
  Fruit Crops  
  Vegetable Crops  
  Tree Crops Palm Trees, cocoa, rubber

Food Security open details

Milestones open details

Aggressive agricultural sector reforms have enabled us adopt proactive measures and best practices to assure of lessening dependence on oil derivation through massive agricultural development and massive statewide agricultural schemes which include Mechanised agriculture to leverage technology, aggressive environmental security policies, Integrated farmers scheme to empower farmers for improved production, food and grain silos, and accelerated livestock scheme.


AKS government guards against the effects of malnutrition by nutritionally ensuring adequate food intake in children to prevent stunted growth and eradicate extreme poverty to improve food consumption levels. We have elevated rural development, including sustainable agricultural, fishery and forestry production and management of natural resources. Helping people improve their farms and productivity and ensure that farmlands are secured from pollution with top priority of government to guarantee an increase in current levels of production for future food needs.


In order to ensure availability of adequate and affordable food for food security, supply of agro-based raw materials for industry, generation of employment, creation of wealth and economic emancipation of the people, government formulated the policy thrust on Agriculture to cause a quantifiable annual growth in the production of cash crops, staple food, livestock and fish through institutional and infrastructural support for private, small, medium and large scale farmers.


With the looming global food crises coupled with his zeal to ensure food security for the teeming people of the State, Governor Godswill Akpabio initiated various programmes to boost Agriculture and food production.

  • Approval of N11billion for the accelerated livestock and fish production programme (ALFIPP) in the livestock and fisheries sub sector
  • Empowerment of 620 youths with N500,000.00 each under the Integrated Farmers Scheme (IFS) 2009; of approval for 910 participants for 2010
  • Procurement of 180,000 metric tons food storage and processing infrastructure at Abak at the cost of N1.5billion under the Akwa Ibom State Reserve Food Programme
  • Procurement and distribution of over 26,000 metric tons of assorted fertilizer at 60% subsidy to farmers in the last 2 years at the cost of N2billion
  • Conversion of college of Agriculture, Obio Akpa to a campus of the Akwa Ibom State University, Mkpat Enin
  • Acquisition of 72 nos of farm tractors and implement at the cost of N150 million
  • Support for externally-funded programmes, such as Fadama, Community based natural resources management programme (CBNRMP), IFAD- assisted rural finance institution building programme (RUFIN) and World Bank/ Federal Government of Nigeria poverty alleviation programmes
  • Entered into understanding with some foreign companies under Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture for commercial Agriculture. For instance, Organizations in Vietnam, United Kingdom, Israel and Malaysia have signed a memorandum of understanding for commercial production and processing of rice and palm oil in the state for export. The company is funding the project 100%. The state government is providing the required minimum of 10,000 hectares of land for the project and is also to retain 22% of the net profit
  • Generated 4,000 jobs for Akwa Ibom people under the commercial Agriculture programme and also generated additional 1,500 direct employment opportunities through its various programmes and projects
  • Management of central abattoir and the institution of Akwa Ibom Meat Hygiene/ Van Project
  • Partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria for the on-going Itu irrigation, drainage and flood control project which is aimed at developing up to 2,000 hectares of land for an all-year-round Agricultural production
  • Partnership with the Federal Government for the on-going construction of 25,000 metric ton grain storage silo at Okobo in Ibiono Ibom Local Government
  • Obtained approval for Agricultural Extension Service Providers in which 275 Akwa Ibom Youth are to be recruited
  • Establishment of 3 nos cassava processing centres at Nung Udoe, Ikot Okudom and Ikot Ekang in Ibesikpo Asutan, Eket and Abak LGAs respectively
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Gov. Godswill Akpabio presenting a plaque to four time world Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield during his visit to Uyo Gov. Godswill Akpabio receiving the four time World Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield to Govt House Uyo The four time World Boxing Champion posing after being presented with a plaque and a copy of Uncommon Transformation Magazine during his visit to Uyo A new fleet of earth movers for mechanization of agriculture showcased during the interdenominational church service held at Ibom Hall on Sunday 31st May to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Government of Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio and 10 years of democra Tractors procured for mechanized  farming Commissioning 98 No Fishing Boats and Accessories
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