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""The focus of this government will be directed at ensuring the provision of infrastructure, (roads, power, water, healthcare, education) and in particular, the completion of key projects of the immediate past administration. These include the Ibom Power Plant, Science and Technology Park, Ibom Le' Meriden & Golf Resort, the International Airport, and the Akwa Ibom University of Technology, among others. Since then I have put in place a roadmap for actualising this vision in order to transform our infrastructural challenges from remaining as obstacles to becoming catalysts of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. This objective requires a positive and dynamic partnership between the public and the private sectors as has now become the norm across the globe."

"The present administration in the state is desirous of changing the situation as rapidly as possible. In this endeavour, we have dreamt big and we intend to actualise this dream in our generation."


Roads open details

  • Opening of new roads
  • Dualisation of roads
  • Rehabilitation of roads
  • Building of drainages
  • Construction of flyovers

Governor Godswill Akpabio has put in place a  vigorous road construction and rehabilitation scheme since 2007. With this scheme all  headquarters of the 31 local government councils have been linked with a 20km tarred road. Several roads that had existed without attention since the inception of the state, have been tarred by this administration. New roads are opened up and many are being rehabilitated more than any other period in the history of Akwa Ibom State.

Contracts for road construction worth well over N80 billion for road segments totalling 330Km have been awarded to both foreign and local construction firms which include: Ekim Itam – Ekom Iman road dualisation, Afaha-Obong – Ika – Etim Ekpo, ...more

Education open details
  • Free education for the first nine years
  • Targeted education to fight unemployment
  • State-of-the-art digital library
  • Accreditation of courses at our higher institutions
  • Provision of digital center in AKS Polytechnic Ikot Osurua
  • Renovation of at least 1 primary school and 1 secondary school in every local government

The state government intensified efforts at revamping the educational sector by rehabilitating dilapidated schools and boosting the morale of teachers. Gov. Akpabio introduced a free education policy for the first nine years in public schools and has made the Akwa Ibom state University of Technology his priority educational ...more

Healthcare open details

  • Free medical services for children, pregnant women and senior citizens
  • Construction of specialist hospital
  • Provision of 6 ambulances
  • Re-constructed 65 health and educational facilities
  • Provided 12 dialysis machines
  • Provision of medical equipment to School of Nursing, Anua
  • 700 Water projects 

To uplift the health care delivery standard in the state, the administration has built and donated a dialysis centre with 12 units of dialysis machines to the Federal Medical Centre, Uyo. Free medical services have been introduced for children, pregnant women, and senior citizens. While massive rehabilitation work has ...more

Electricity open details

  • Ibom Power Project
  • Development of gas reserves for electricity generation
  • Vigorous rural electrification scheme to place all rural areas on the national grid
  • 800 electricity projects

The focus of government is provision of uninterrupted power supply in Akwa Ibom State, with a surplus to be fed into the national grid through the Ibom Power Project. The project is in two phases. The first phase is more than 90% completed with the installation of 2 No. GE frame 6 and 1 No. frame 9 gas turbine, offering a total capacity of 180 MW, the installation of a 132/11KV transformer as well as the construction of a 45km – 132 KV “double circuit power evacuation line from Ikot Abasi to Eket sub station. 

The second phase of the project is expected to generate an additional 465MW that will feed the National grid through a transmission line to Afam sub station. The 132 KV transmission line between Eket, Uyo and Itu is to be straightened to ensure the evacuation of the full capacity of the first phase ...more

Water Supply open details
  • Provision of 27 pumping stations across the State with an installed capacity of 19,600 cubic metric tons of water per day
  • Currently meeats water needs of over two million people daily
  • collaboration with the Federal Government/World Bank water reforms
  • N5billion provided for pipeline reticulation to affected areas

The administration plans to provide portable water supply all over the state by 2011 and has embarked on an aggressive programme to boost state-wide water supply by providing individual access to 30 litres of water daily.

All 27 pumping stations are now backed up with diesel generators to guarantee a minimum of 16 hours daily operation. In 2009 the Inter Ministerial Direct Labour Coordinating Committee delivered 47 mini-water schemes across the rural communities in the State supervised by the Ministry of Rural Development for adherence to design and specifications established by the ministry ...more

Aviation open details

  • Runway and bypass, interim building, airport access roads, water and sewage treatment facility and other buildings nearing completion
  • Steel component for the Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) facility, for the airport designed and fabricated in China have arrived Uyo and are being installed

This is a special kind of airport that when completed will  provide service for the Gulf of Guinea and will be a big revenue earner for the state.

Akwa Ibom indegenes are trained to gracefully manage the demands of the aviation industry as of Airport Maintenance Engineers, Airport and Power Plant Engineers, Air Traffic Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Avionic Engineers, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Personnel, Aprons Control Officers, Aprons Services Officers, Safety Management Officers, Facilitation Officers, Marshallers, and Aviation Security Officers ...more

Agriculture open details

  • Emergency in food sector declared /li>
  • Distributed 22 Tractors for farm operations
  • Distributed modern fishing boats and outboard engines to fishermen
  • Funding the payment of the State’s counterpart contributions to the National Fadama Developement Programme

"We don't want to rely on oil, we are making efforts to re-engineer our agricultural sector and increasing our internally-generated revenue," says Gov. Akpabio. The present administration has reformed the agricultural sector and made it atractive as a  business venture. The government has put in place resources to enhance profitable farming such as fertilizers, day old chicks, rabbits, agrochemicals, cassava cuttings, improved seedlings and technical /extension services to farmers through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Akwa Ibom State Agricultural Development Programme (AKADEP).

In April, 2008 government got proactive and declared emergency in the food sector as a pre-emptive measure to avert an imminent food crisis in the State ...more

Transportation open details
  • 1,000 Vehicle Taxi scheme
  • Solar powered traffic and street lights 
  • 12 haulage trucks for farm produce 
  • Construction of Akwa Ibom International Airport
  • Construction of Seaport at Ibaka
  • Planned railway line

The present administration has overhauled the transport sector in the state with strategies for land, water, and air transport.

On land, government has introduced a brand new fleet of 1,000 taxis to move people around commercially and the neccessary infrastructure and support network to make it work. Further, government has propossed Uyo - Port Harcourt railway line to ease the movement of goods and persons in the region. On water, government is building the Ibaka seaport that will rival other seaports in the country and place the state on the regional map of West Africa ...more

Housing open details

  • Overhauled a dilapidated government house and constructed a new state of the art edifice
  • Built government liaison office in Abuja
  • Le Meridian Hotel completed with 153 rooms to a 5-star standard
  • Implementing erosion control plans for Uyo
  • 1,500 owner-occupier housing units built across Ikot Ekpene, Uyo, Eket; senatorial districts

The administration is delivering quality housing as a set of coordinated system of urban infrastructure to mitigate the dysfunctions associated with urbanization. Along with these are such tangible infrastructure as good access roads, hospitals, standardized schools, sewerage, leisure parks, shopping malls, and markets and other civic buildings. The proposed 10,000 Housing Units across the 3 senatorial districts promises to bring affordable housing to the people ...more

Urbanisation open details

Rural Development open details

  • Review of Uyo Master Plan to align with modern town planning considerations
  • Land/sites acquired for residential, commercial and Industrial purposes
  • Realocation and ressetlement of affected land owners
  • Land bank System establishment

The administration has developed an efficient mechanism that will accelerate the pace of orderly physical development and control within the State.

The siting of a sea port in Ibaka; a 5-star Hotel in Uruan; an International Airport in Okobo; the IPP in Ikot Abasi; the ongoing Security Village in the 31 Local Government Areas; the proposed 10,000 Housing Units across the 3 senatorial districts; the Itam flyover project intersecting Uyo and Itu LGAs; the Tropicana Galleria in Uyo; an Ultra Modern Evening Market and Timber Market at Itam, Itu LGA, all captures the essence of the state government’s integrated urban renewal strategy ...more

  • 550 Interministerial people oriented projects
  • 31 graders for grading of rural roads
  • 31 mobile ambulances for rural healthcare
  • 31 Hilux pickups for rural security and surveilance

The administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio is sustainably developing and transforming the rural areas of Akwa Ibom State with a view to making them the engine room of Nigerian industrialisation. The challenge of developing an 80% rural population into bustling economic and commercial centres is being addressed through prvision of basic infrastructures such as roads, school buildings, primary health facilities, civic buildings, electricity, and water.

Government policy on community development is participatory which shows that development is a serious affair in the act of governance and imposes strong obligations and responsibilities on both the people and the government.

The administration has carried out electrification of 237 villages with a view to linking all communities to the national grid. Water points are being provided such that they serve between 250 to 300 people. Healthcare providers and educationists in the rural areas have been empowered and motivated to for optimum delivery to rural dwellers ...more

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