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Vision for Economic Transformation:


To fully abide by the norms of good governance advocated by the National Planning Commission (NPC), to monitor how state governments are performing in the implementation of their State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy, SEEDS.


A standard set of objectives are to be used for benchmarking, such as: participatory policy-making and planning; fiscal prudence, due process in delivery of service at all levels; and institutionalizing of the principles of value-for-money in service delivery.



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Manages state affairs to realise optimum benefits of a robust and manifest growth into a desired major player in Nigeria's and region's economy by exposing all areas and sectors of the state to vigorous, successive, scalable, and appreciable economic activities through empowering private enterprises to take the lead in the state’s economy.

  • Services
    • Poverty Reduction
      Our coordinated approach to getting individuals, corporate organisations, groups and communities to participate in the development of Akwa ibom is fast getting people outof poverty
      Employment Sensitisation
      Sharing the benefits of our stable economy and significant growth is getting more done and securing the future for all.
      Investment Attraction
      We are building a better economy by attracting the best of breed in earmarked industrial sectors to share in the Akwa Ibom dream
      Community Entrepreneurship
      Entrepreneurship goes by any name, even community as well in our case so we can empower by the numbers
      Managing Economic And Social Indicators
      We juggle all the economic indices to be confident that our economy is passing through fair weather
      Human Capital Development
      Developing our human capital means our present prosperity will blossom and be around a while longer
  • Impact
    • Aviation
      The big picture on aviation dynamics with Akwa Ibom's new international airport is the stimulation of all nodes of the State's economy into vibrancy
      Tourism in Akwa Ibom experienced a new birth with the heavy injection of financial stimulus resulting in the Tropicana Entertainment complex together with several other tourism components that has provided a robust tourism sector in the State
      We are repackaging agri-business into mass-appeal to find the mix that drives more players into the industry
      Power Supply
      We are translating the generation of electricity by Ibom Power Plant into higher productivity, elevated quality of life, and higher earnings
      Internally Generated Revenue
      With greater vibrancy of the State's economy there is a corresponding rise in internally generated revenue (IGR)
      Rising Economic profile
      The rippling effect of the soundness of our development strategies are evidenced in the generally identifiable rising economic profile of the State
  • Policies
    • AK-SEEDS
      Akwa Ibom State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy, AK-SEEDS, helps us ensure we drive the right mix of economic policies
      Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
      MDG goals are getting us out of poverty and helping us realize developmental best practices in the state
      People Transformation
      We are supporting the Present administration's promise to transform the people by putting in place the blueprint to drive the process. We have developed core strategies on how to approach economic development bottom up
      Federal And State Economic Policies
      We implement economic policies planned for the states at the federal level as well as those originated from the state
  • Projects
    • Akwa Ibom State Infrastructure Summit
      With the 1st Akwa Ibom State Infrastructure Summit held in September 2008 we found ways of turning around the infrastructrual challenges in the state for speedy development
      South-South Economic Summit
      We have so far participated in two editions of the South-South Economic Summit to partner the region for economic development
      We have conducted successful privation exercises to invigorate public enterprises that otherwise would have fallen irretrievably moribund
      We have provided adequate support structures in all our urban centers to enable them ensure favorable economic transactions
      AK-SEEDS And LEEDS Implementation
      Our AK-SEEDS and LEEDS implementation is moving the economy in the right direction
      Promotion of Capital Intensive Enterprises
      While individuals and groups are enjoying their economic involvements it in the State's interest that we secure the future by injecting capital intensive enterprises

Economic Development in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is experiencing rapid economic transformation, much faster than the Nigerian average. The quality of life index has grown more than 300% in only four years. Greater emphasis is paid by government to provision of social and economic infrastructures, urban and rural areas have become complementary as government now provides adequate water, electricity, schools, health facilities, community buildings and market stalls in rural areas, and agri-business is massively promoted.


Besides, the state is blessed with several untapped mineral resources, a potential that has lent itself to the industrialisation drive of government. Government is determined to tow the path of economic diversification ino aviation, tourism, and agriculture besides petroluem and continues to play a major role in enterpreneural and industrial development to keep the economy in a perpetual state of growth as well as increase the level of exploitation of natural resources.


In the end, it is the intention of government to build a capital intensive economy rather than a labour intensive one, as well as a knowledge driven economy for global competiveness.

Raw Materials open details
  Food Crops  
  Arable Crops  
  Fruit Crops  
  Vegetable Crops  
  Tree Crops Palm Trees, cocoa, rubber

On The MDG Roadmap open details

Milestones open details

MDGs have become a major tool for giving more meaning to the lives of Akwa Ibom people and monitoring their progress with global benchmark on 8 goals with target set at 2015.


On goal 1 to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger government massively invested in agriculture, improved nutritional standards, and empowered more farmers; on goal 2 to achieve universal primary education government made education free and compulsory; on goal 3 to promote gender equality government made laws to protect children with special intervention for women, such as WAEDEP for agricultural promotion; on goal 4 to reduce child mortality we have fought the six child killer diseases through statewide immunisation and even polio no longer exists in Akwa Ibom.


Also, on goal 5 to improve maternal health, primary, secondary, and tertiary health centers, some new, are now fully functional; on goal 6 to combat HIV&AIDS, malaria and other diseases government drives campaigns in homes, schools, markets, churches, mosques, electronic media, and motor parks; on goal 7 to ensure environmental sustainability we have greatly improved sanitation, street beautification, pollution control, and flood control; and on goal 8 to develop global partnership for development we are making Akwa Ibom a destination for Investors and an Industrial hub, including a commitment to good governance.


:: Recent Photos
A cross section of Governors, the Vice President(M) and Wole Soyinka at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Ak Commissioners Eunice Thomas, Sonnday Anyang and Comfort Etuk participating at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Aks Information Commissioner Aniekan Umanah(r), Science & Tech Commissioner Comfort Etuk and Comm of Economic Dev Sonday Ayang at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Gov Akpabio(m) making his contributions at the Summit, while Oshiomhole(l) and Amaechi(r) listen on at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Governor Akpabio with Mr Jim Ovia Chairman of Visa Phone at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, sandwiched by the Governor of Delta State Adams Oshiomhole(l) and Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State(r) in a panel discussion at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th l-r Hon. Ita Enang, Senator Helen Esuene, and Barr. Austin Mbeh at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Wole Soyinka, Vice President Namadi Sambo and Governor Godswill Akpabio at the 2nd South-South economic summit that was held in Asaba, Delta State between 25th and 28th April, 2012 Bassey Albert, Aniekan Umanah, and Don Etim at the swearing in as Exco members at State Banquet Hall, Government House in Uyo Cross-section of wives of the new EXCO members at the State Banquet Hall during the swearing in of the new EXCO members Governor Godswill Akpabio chatting with his deputy, Mr Nsima Ekere, during the swearing in of members of the new State Executive Council Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, congratulating Mr Aniekan Umanah after his (Umanah Members of the reconstituted Akwa Ibom State Executive Council observing a minute Members of the reconstituted Akwa Ibom State Executive Council who were sworn-in Wednessday by Governor Akpabio taking their oaths of office Newly sworn in Special Adviser and former State Chairman of PDP, Prince Uwem Ita Etuk being congratulated by Governor Godswill Akpabio PDP State Chairman, Paul Ekpo, with Aniekan Umanah, commissioner for Information and Communications after the swearing in of new EXCO members at the State Banquet Hall
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