Ministries In Akwa Ibom State
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:: Economic Development
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:: Information & Communications
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:: Lands & Town Planning
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Akwa Ibom ministries make government institutions boundless and ubiquitous with people focused and result oriented service departments that answer the needs for: our development aspirations; growing the economy; building social assets; generating, penetrating, and utilising knowledge; ensuring sustainable growth and social harmony. These ministries are the strategic pillars on which robust sector operations that connect government to the people are built.

Our ministries with best-in-class service delivery develop and implement state-wide development strategies having greater impact to fast track the state into a vibrant economy with worthwhile private enterprises and prosperous engagements.

 Physical Infrastructure
These are necessary enablers that drive developmental aspirations
Housing & Urban Renewal Housing & Urban Renewal

Operates an efficient mechanism to accelerate the pace of orderly physical development and contr ...

Transport Transport

Provides and manages multilateral transport infrastructures and services to sustain a robust  ...

                                                    Duties Special Duties

Supervises to ensure robust implementation and delivery of the state’s turnkey projects through ...

Works Works

Provides and manages infrastructures and public utilities for top grade performance to ensure publ ...

  Productive Sectors
These are growth drivers for the economy
Agriculture & Natural Resources Agriculture & Natural Resources

Promotes food security, availability and improved nutritional standards through enhanced crop yie ...

                                                    & Tourism Culture & Tourism

Pursues enlightenment, learning, and refinement about ourselves and features of our everyday exi ...

Commerce & Industries Commerce & Industries

Fast-tracks the rapid industrial development of Akwa Ibom State to build human capacity, stim ...

                                                    Development Rural Development

Sustainable development of rural communities through provision of facilities and rural engagem ...

  Human Capital And Social Development
These are social assets that drive other sectors of the economy
Education Education

Empowers the people with knowledge and competence to provide in abundance the requisi ...

                                                    Affairs & Social Development Women Affairs & Social Devt.

Empowers and offers social protection to vulnerable members of society such as children,  ...

Health Health

Supports healthy living for sound bodies and minds as well as combating of diseases through the ...

                                                    And Sports Youth And Sports

Improves the welfare and physical health of young people through empowerment for self actualizat ...

  Knowledge - Based Economy
Generation, penetration, and utilisation of knowledge for production enhancement Science 
                                                    & Technology Science & Technology

Systematic acquisition of knowledge of the physical world through research, development ...

  Governance And General Administration
Crucial to attracting investments and ensuring sustainable growth and societal harmony Information 
                                                    & Communications Information & Communications

Disseminates accurate and timely communication to project a better image of the state, present ...

Economic Development Economic Development

Manages state affairs to realise optimum benefits of a robust and manifest growth into a desired ...

Justice Justice

Delivers equitable justice administration through the courts by establishing and determining rights ...

Finance Finance

Manages the state’s liquid resources for the optimal functioning of government services in ...

                                                    Government & Chieftaincy Affairs Local Govt. & Chieftaincy Affairs

Promotes grassroots development through efficient and effective administration of the Local Govern ...

  Regional And Geo-Political Zones Development
Critical to balanced and sustainable development, as well as social equity
Environment & Mineral Resources Environment & Mineral Resources

Manages the state’s cherished natural resources and fragile environment in an eco-friendly way to ...

                                                    & Town Planning Lands & Town Planning

Management of land resources for public comfort with efficient surveying, titles, and planning for ...

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