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Vision for The Environment:

A clean and sustainable use of the environment and its natural resources will support a healthy work force and enable us bequeath clean natural resources to generations yet unborn.


To ensure the protection and management of our environments, especially those that have bearing on our traditional economic mainstay (fishing grounds, shellfish and other marine- derived natural resources), we will address frontally, the challenges of waste management, gully and coastal erosion, oil spill and environmental degradation of our fragile marine ecosystem.


We will actively be involved in enforcement of regulations and introduction of sanitary inspectors; waste management; flood and erosion control; and the protection of our ecosystem..  



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Manages the state’s cherished natural resources and fragile environment in an eco-friendly way to ensure environmental sustainability by the adoption of conducive political, economic, and social organization for its protection and improvement through the regulation of environmentally harmful human activities to gain compliance from the state's inhabitants.

  • Services
    • Waste Management
      We implement an integrated waste management system for cleanup, collection, transportation, disposal, treatment, and recycling to improve hygiene and sanitation.
      Environmental Protection
      To sustain our environment and ensure clean air, clean water, clean soil, and safe pesticides we control and limit effluent discharge, environmental hazards, as well as ground and soil water contamination.
      Municipal Beautification
      To enhance the functionality of municipal areas we carry out regular street cleanups, public hygiene and sanitation, together with marketplace sanitation.
      Erosion Control
      We manage the impact of erosion from degrading our land through reclamation, stabilisation, soil conservation, flood control, and beach erosion management.
      Forest Management
      To balance the ecosystem we manage forest reserves for the good of humanity and to protect endangered species of wildlife and vegetation that need to survive in their natural habitat.
      Product Sample Testing
      For nutritional safety we carry out random product sample testing to assure safety from toxic materials.
  • Impact
    • Pollution Prevention
      We carry out proactive actions to secure the public from the harmful effects of pollution by acting early to prevent pollution from oil exploration and production as well as manufacturing activities.
      Green Brigade
      Our face on the streets are members of the Green Brigade that ensure your surroundings are clean, and on a daily basis.
      Civic Aesthetics
      With beautiful flowers and civic art we ensure that your open spaces are as inviting as a palace.
      Petroleum And Mineral Resources
      Oil production from off-shore facilities. Sand and clay are commonly found in the state.
      Sanitation Court
      We have environmental and sanitation courts presided over by a magistrate in each federal constituency having jurisdiction to try environmental cases.
      To apply the the best of environmental science to the good of all we register participation in global events and bring home the knowledge factor. We have also established global affiliations with major establishments such as UNEP and UNCEP to enjoy benefit of the environmental network.
  • Policies
    • Environmental Protection
      We have enforceable policies to protect our environment from erosion, flood water, and climate change through mechanical, biological, and legal means.
      Environmental Sanitation
      Through regulation, monitoring, and inspections we ensure safe public hygiene and sanitation.
      Environmental Impact assessments
      The direct effect of projects on the environment are to be conducted using scientific methods before granting the green light to implement the project.
      Promotion of Eco-friendly Activities
      We encourage ideas from environmental-friendly individuals, groups, organisations, and establishments towards improving our environment for the good of the public
  • Projects
    • Flood Control
      We have successfully carried out extensive flood control on areas designated flood prone sites.
      Erosion Site Intervention
      We have standby intervention for erosion sites in the state.
      Contribution To Akwa Ibom Destination Project
      Our beautification strategies, flood control, pollution prevention, environmental sanitation strategies have greatly contributed to the ambience the state enjoys and a major contributor to retaining visitors and tourists to the state.
      Environmental Awareness Campaign
      We have several converts who share our vision of environmental management. We have achieved this through several seminars, school visitation for enlightenment, and three planting campaigns.
      Pollution Control
      We have deployed monitoring teams to ensure economic activities comply with agreed standards and that the right structures are used to limit and prevent pollution of the environment.

Managing The Akwa Ibom Environment

The beautiful lands, waters, and climate of Akwa Ibom State, together with wildlife, mineral and water resources are managed by a delicate balance of dedicated people, balanced processes, and cutting-edge technologies.


We implement all encompassing strategies for environmental protection, policies that regulate human activities, scientific methods for investigation, and media techniques for promotion of environmental-friendly conduct.


At the same time we network with administrators, consultants, global partners, and relevant corporate bodies to assure we render service with best- practices being brought to bear on letting our environment work for us today and in the future.

Raw Materials open details
  Food Crops  
  Arable Crops  
  Fruit Crops  
  Vegetable Crops  
  Tree Crops Palm Trees, cocoa, rubber

Pipe Jacking Technology open details

Milestones open details

Akwa Ibom State enjoying its existence in a flat riverine terrain compels us to devise means with which to live with that water we cannot get rid of by building basic structures such as dykes, canals, and ponds for rainwater to collect and prevent flooding from causing land degradation.


Safeguarding the environment for a healthy living of the people is a commitment of the State government.  In order to facilitate Environmental Management and waste disposal services, government has employed the services of renowned and professional Resource Persons and Consultants in this area.

Strides so far recorded in this sector include:

  • Ensure safe climatic conditions for the people by sponsoring participation at the Copenhagen Summit
  • Ensuring that all companies and multi-nationals operating in the State have accepted impact assessment profile by the host communities
  • Facilitate the stoppage of Ikot Ada Udo oil spill in Ukanafun LGA 
  • Awards N13.8billion underground erosion control project for the State by Julius Berger 
  • Engage Resource Persons from tested companies to handle different aspects of waste management, air pollution and sanitation
  • Procured 6 smoke free Bluetech environment-friendly compactors and 1000 receptacles for waste disposal at the cost of N400million and built a modern waste4 management complex 
  • Facilitated the stoppage of gas leakage at Odoro Ikot in Ukanafun LGA 
  • Made an investment of N16billion for erosion control at Uruan Street and Itam junction 
  • Undertake clean up exercise in local government areas 
  • Paid N200million for acquisition of a 50 hectares of land and payment of compensation for the permanent dump site at Itam by Domville Group 
  • Set-up Sanitation Committee at Akpan Andem Market 
  • Complete work at the IPP to ensure constant power supply to cushion the effect of air pollution caused by use of generators due to erratic power supply
:: Recent Photos
3D model of new roundabout under construction at Ikot Ekpene Road / Ikpa Road 3D model of new roundabout under construction at Nwaniba Road / Edet Akpan Avenue 3D model of new roundabout under construction at Wellington Bassey Way / Dominic Utuk Avenue Dedicated drainage plan and outfall at Afaha Oku ravine Dedicated drainage plan and outfall details for Wellington Bassey Way Road markings with reflective road studs Street furniture with planters, bench seats, tree gates,and trash receptacles Street furniture with reboundable chevrons, illuminated reboundable bollards, and reboundable delineator posts Traffic management with retro-reflective thermoplastic road markings as well as 3M technology, UV resistant and corrosion free traffic signs UV resistant, corrosion free, and zero maintenance modular bus stop shelter Model of the new roundabout under construction at Ikot Ekpene / Ikpa Road junction. Uyo metropolis is being remodeled and rehabilited along the entire stretch of Ikot Ekpene and Nwaniba Roads.
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