Musical Instruments of Akwa Ibom State
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"The Akwa Ibom Project involves attitudinal re-orientation; cultivation of a positive mindset; instilling self-confidence through massive empowerment of our people; and the inculcation of the moral values of hard work, courage, honesty, service and pragmatic peaceful co-existence"

- Akpabio


One of the interesting instruments used by Akwa Ibom people in the music and dance is the Iquot (Frog). This instrument is used in non-ritualistic orchestras to add colour to their ensemble. This is most popular with the Ekpri Akata orchestra which operates at night.


There are also the four-note Xylophones used for communication. The four notes in the instrument enable the player to talk to the community, imitating the rise and fall of human speech.


Uta (guard horns), these are orchestral which produce notes that are not (unlike in western music) in direct relationship with one another but blends to produce a distinctive rhythm that excites the dancer into exotic performance.

Ekpat Obon

Another ritual rattle is the Ekpat Obon used by the Obon secret society. There is also the Ekput used by diviners to invoke the spirit of the ancestors. Another rattle instrument which is produced from raffia is the Nsak which produces a bell rhythm when played.

Ikon Ikpa

Other important instruments include the Ikon Ikpa, a small set of drums of pantomimic expression used by Ekpo society.

Ikpa Mboto

Ikpa Mboto the thumb piano and Anana a musical bow rarely seen today.


Ikon Eto


Though there are no flutes however their absence is made up by the existence of a horn-like trumpet called Oduk made from horn of ram.

The Ikon Eto (wooden xylophone) and Obodom (wooden drum) are also popular instruments in the State.

Another special instrument used by the people is one called Ekere (twin gong) a ritual gong used for ritual ceremonies. There are two types of this musical instrument, a large conical one called Nkwong and a smaller one called Akankan.
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