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""The focus of this government will be directed at ensuring the provision of infrastructure, (roads, power, water, healthcare, education) and in particular, the completion of key projects of the immediate past administration. These include the Ibom Power Plant, Science and Technology Park, Ibom Le' Meriden & Golf Resort, the International Airport, and the Akwa Ibom University of Technology, among others. Since then I have put in place a roadmap for actualising this vision in order to transform our infrastructural challenges from remaining as obstacles to becoming catalysts of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. This objective requires a positive and dynamic partnership between the public and the private sectors as has now become the norm across the globe."

"Akwa Ibom has the best natural location for a sea port with 13 metres depth that can bring in large ocean lining vessels. We are inviting a lot of international investors to come in and develop a major seaport in the state that will serve Nigeria," - Gov. Akpabio


Security  open details

  • Most peaceful state in the Niger Delta
  • Provision of seven heavily equipped gunboats to the police to combat crime in the waterways
  • Provision of 3 armoured personnel carriers
  • Procurement and donation of 37 patrol vehicles to the police for the security of the State.
  • Provision of 31 police patrol vehicles distributed as one to each LGA.
  • Formation of the joint security task force code named Aduma with 46 Hilux patrol vehicles and equipped with modern weapons for pre-emptive operations against violent crimes all around the State
  • Training seminars/ workshop for security personnel
  • Aggressive mobilization of traditional rulers in security of their domains.

The government of Chief Godswill Akpabio in a bid to arrest the damage to the potentials for development that could be caused by violent crimes had reeled out strategies, legislation, and boosted security, first as a deterrent measure, and further as a combative strategy to tackle the crime situation both at the short term and long term. ...more

Tourism open details
  • New world class entertainment centre and galleria with a dome, shopping mall, new 5-star hotel, and theme park spanning over 115,000 sq m
  • Existing 5-star hotel to be upgraded to 350 rooms
  • New museum to showcase our cultural heritage

In the last two years, the government of Gov. Akpabio has evolved strategies that has raised the tourism index in the state, which include: upgrading of tourism infrastructure and facilities to a level that meets competition in global tourism events to encourage influx of tourists, undertaking branding of the unique tourism products in the state and partnering with private investors to invest in the state.

One of such partnership would soon see the construction of a tourism and film gallery in Uyo.  Right now the union amusement and leisure park has reached completion stage ...more

Information open details

  • Increased frequency of pioneer publication
  • Pioneer now web based
  • New State website
  • New Outside broacast equipment

To run an accountable government, Governor Godswill Akpabio's administration ensures that the people are kept abreast of happenings in government so as to coordinate their expectations with the impact such deliveries will have on them.

By massively communicating with the people government is able to call for lifestyle changes and from time to time elevate role models among our people for the citizenry to emulate. Further, emergence of opportunities are brought to the knowledge of citizens as they become available ...more

Commerce  open details

  • Directorate of Commerce exceeded revenue target for 2007/2008 by generating the sum of N12,610,900.00 (Twelve million, six hundred and ten thousand naira)
  • Development of a Framework for a State- owned Micro- Finance Institution/Scheme
  • Development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Exposure of the State economic potential through attendance of International Trade Fairs at Kaduna, Lagos, Enugu and Calabar

Government envisions an achievement oriented people and a sustainable vibrant economy.

The entrepreneurial abilities of citizens are further developed through frequent government sponsorship of trade missions.

Government encouraged the commercialisation of our rich and diverse cultural festivals which run all year round to boost tourism as well as our flamboyant ecosystem. Government also buys into globalisation and is developing an industrial hub in Ibaka which will also serve as a free trade zone ...more

Industrialisation open details
  • Development of a 5-Star agenda industrial blueprint
  • Reactivation of State-owned Ailing Industries
  • Contribution to National Industrial Policy and Formulation of the State Industrial Policy
  • Provision of Industrial Support Services

Industrialisation of Akwa Ibom state is paramount on the government's agenda to develop a new economy and make the state an investment destination.

Industrialisation is embraced as the cornerstone of government's vision for a Greater Akwa Ibom State.

The evolution of Akwa Ibom State into a modern industrial economy is initiated with the introduction of Ibom Integrated industrial city into the state's economy which will integrate a seaport, an oil and gas industrial park, fabrication services ...more

Environment open details

  • Landscaping of major roads in Uyo metropolis
  • Facilitating the signing of MOU between host communities and companies operating within the community
  • Maintenance of 31km forest reserve boundaries at 31 local government areas
  • Management of erosion impacted sites
  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on State projects
  • Flood control
  • Provision of Environmental Education and Public Awareness services

The government adheres strictly to the guiding principles of environmentally sound development for environmental sustainability.

With urban planning, government evolves extensive and cohesive structures that function as organisms in the consumption of resources, disposal of wastes, and facilitation of productive enterprise within its bounds in such a way that the built environment's impact on population health is not harmful ...more

Sports  open details

  • Construction of world class boxing ring
  • Procurement of world class weightlifting facilities which led to the success of Emmanuel Akpanobong and Margaret Uwa with 3 Gold Medals each at the African weightlifting championship at South Africa.
  • The Maiden edition of Chief Godswill Akpabio National Under-17 boys and girls football competition was conducted in association with YSFON. Our state under 17 boys and girls emerged winners of the competition out of the 12 states that participated
  • The construction of Uyo township stadium is ongoing and the venue serves and the home ground of the Akwa United Football Club
  • Akwa Ibom State U-13 male and U-18 female football teams won champion trophies at the 18th National Oba Erediawa Anniversary Gold cup at Benin City.

The administration sees the youths as veritable partners in progress who must be nurtured to assume their rightful place in the society today and tomorrow. Therefore, the administration adopted sports as a springboard to building socio-economic and political partnership for tackling the challenges of ancient prejudices and mutual suspicion.

His Excellency has a passion for sports and hosted and sponsored the "governor Godswill Akpabio National Veterans Scrabble Championship 2007." This was repeated in 2008. Poverty alleviation and containment of crime has been most successful with more youths turning to sports  ...more

General Administration open details
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Inerministerial skills
  • Timely execution of projects
  • Speedy deployment of policy framework
  • Presidential System of local government admisitration

The Governor Godswill Akpabio administration has been seen variously as an efficient, dynamic, pragmatic, proactive, and amiable administration as a result of the numerous services and projects deployed to meet the needs of the people. It is an administration that places a premium on performance and coordinates the gamut of her operations at optimal effectiveness in their delivery of tasks and targets.

The practical and down-to-earth approach of the administration ensures a laser sharp resolution of people's needs galvanised resolutely on resource availability, appropriately placed on the twin factors of space and time for best in class solution delivery. The people see the result of the administration's delivery as awesome time and time again touching lives in every dimension of need, both imagined and unimagined; touching present needs and future needs  ...more

Finance open details

  • Boosted internally generated revenue to N2billion monthly
  • Places state funds to productive asset creation  usage
  • Financial Strategy for a secure future
  • No toxic debts

The administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio is prudent in the efficient management of time, money, and risk in such a way that resources are galvanised in the deployment of assets for the state in anticipation of a flood of revenues from the economic impact of these assets towards improving the state's capital base and avoidance of liability which ultimately generates chains of uncontrollable expenses.

Government conducts its business such that it does not run into negative financial intermediation by earning interest from unspent funds rather than paying interest from borrowed funds.

Even as the global economic meltdown approached the state government was mindful of its attendant risk and was responsive in developing a financial mechanism to shield the state from the harsh financial underpinnings that were to surface. As it is now the state is out of the woods as far as the global financial meltdown is concerned and is enjoying the dividends if a strong financial strategy  ...more

Investment Attraction  open details

  • LNG project
  • establish and take advantage of cluster-related synergies with the Ibom Industrial City
  • Fertilizer company
  • Amakpe Refinery
  • attracting investment based on community strength in cassava and palm produce
  • Most peaceful state in the Niger Delta

Government of Akwa Ibom State formulates investment policy principles and mechanisms, and devises measures aimed at encouraging, attracting and making efficient use of domestic and foreign investment with a view to creating conditions conducive to sustainable economic growth.

With deployment of invaluable infrastructure such as electricity, roads, hospitals, schools, hotels, airport, seaport in Akwa Ibom state government has positioned and re-branded Akwa Ibom State for the organised private sector to invest. Further government has developed international interest in Akwa Ibom's natural resources such that foreign investors perceive a lasting interest in enterprises being developed locally. These investments, government hopes, will generate impressive returns for investors while boosting the productive capacity of the state.

Judiciary open details
  • Promotion of judicial independence
  • Ultra-modern court complex fully equipped with state-of-the-art-facilities
  • Provision of enabling environment for Judges to conveniently do their work
  • Vision of "Unimpeded Access to Justice"
  • Family court for child related issues

Promotion of judicial independence has helped develop strong judicial discipline in the executive government as the administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio now enjoys major judicial inputs in the macjinery of state administration.

The ethical framework of judicial officers as an arm of government is further boosted with the deployment of judicial infrastructure, services, training and workshops for judicial officers.

Justice open details

  • Promotion of 'rule of law'
  • Respect for and protection of human rights
  • Protection of child rights

The state government absorbs shocks to development and promotion of deterence through a well developed justice system that operates through a set of courtrooms all over the state for the enthronement of peace, unity, and economic stability of the state.

The state government speedily comes up with adequate legislation as key drivers for safe jurisprudence in pursuit of justice for all and adherence to a policy of rule of law.

Labour Relations open details

Local Government open details

Legislature open details

The state government appreciates the imoact of labour representation as well as the capacity of labour unions to galvanise greater productivity among the workforce.

To further ensure greater relations government has raised her labour relations to the level of partnering labour unions for the development of the state's economy.

government has deployed resources like civil servants buses, staff training and retraining in Nigeria and overseas, as well as more and more worker friendly practices, policies, and projects.

  • New Presidential System of local Government administration
  • Security estate for local government officials

Local government administration in Akwa Ibom is geared towards empowering the grassroots and alleviation of poverty through a robust community based development strategy.

By stimulating rural based commodity processing the government has made rural communities attractive as an engine room for economic scalability and sustainability of the entire state.

The legislative vigilance of the second arm of Akwa Ibom government have succeeded in delivering the demands of a sustainable democratic culture through a cultivated approach to legislation.

By deploying adequate legislative machinery the house of assembly has contained major challenges that threatened the graceful development of the state.

The house has evolved various committees to handle the requirements of a new economy, a prosperous people, and a sustainable democracy.

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