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"One week will not be enough for you to go round to see most of the things we are doing. We have stopped talking about projects. On small interventions jobs we were able to do more than three thousand. We have commissioned more than a thousand five hundred. As I speak now, every week commissioners go round various Local Government Area commissioning projects. Starting from January to May this year, we are commissioning about 610 people oriented projects across the entire state. And these projects are very impactful. Communities that have never seen portable water, when you put in N5 million to N10 million Naira to do even solar bore holes for them; you have stopped a lot of things"

We cannot talk about vision 20:2020 and restructuring of Nigeria without first of all repositioning the various component units that make up the whole country. The state government has keyed into the vision 20:2020 dream to make it become one of the states to make Nigeria great in the year 2020. There is no way the state can become a destination without an airport, constant supply of power, a seaport and a good network of roads, hence governments decision to complete the Ibom Airport and IPP, being projects of the last administration in the state, in spite of the initial setback and also go ahead to build an industrial seaport as well as other necessities

HyperLink State Housing Policy
The State government has adopted a primary goal to ensure that all persons in Akwa Ibom State own or have access to descent, safe sanitary housing accommodation at affordable cost with secure tenure through private sector initiative with government encouragement and involvement. The government will make efforts to achieve this goal through the implementation of the State Housing Policy.
HyperLink 2010 Budget Analysis
Overview, policy objectives, implementation strategies, cash receipts and detailed analysis of the 2010 budget estimates as well as perfomance review of the 2009 budget
HyperLink Position on Return of Akwa Ibom Oil Wells
Historical developments, geographical considerations, legal issues as well as Bakassi Peninsula, estuarine and coastal considerations forming the eventual return of Akwa Ibom's offshore oil wells that were transfered to Rivers and Cross Rivers States in 2005
HyperLink Akwa Ibom State Produces 9,300 Carol Singers, the Largest in the World
By taking an annual state event higher on a policy of unity the state government finds itself favourably positioned to break a guiness world record. This paper outlines the steps leading to the breaking of the world record and the facilities employed
HyperLink Akwa Ibom State Child Rights Law 2008
The Governor of Akwa Ibom State on 5th December, 2008 signed the child rights act into law to protect the growth of perceptual, emotional, intellectual, and behavioural capabilities and functioning during childhood of Akwa Ibom children under 16 years. The law protects the Akwa Ibom child from birth to adolescence and up to 16 years such that the child is afforded the necessary protection and assistance so that it can fully assume its responsibilities within the community.
HyperLink Labelling Children as Witches and Wizards in Akwa Ibom State
Akwa Ibom State Government will not fold its hands and watch evil elements of society dehumanise, demoralise, bastardise, displace, stigmatise, or persecute our children for personal gains. The issues involved were placed on critical observation and Government has addressed and appealed to religious leaders to participate in governance for the support and protection of families.
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