Tropicana Entertainment Center
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THE TROPICANA ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX has a land mass of 82 hectares. It is located along SIR UDO UDOMA Avenue and is bonded by roads around its perimeter. The project consists of:

15 floor 250 room 5-Star Hotel
Galleria with 10,000 seater dome and multiple cinema halls
International standard thene park with wet and dry park facilities
Shopping Mall
Complimentary Services with Monorail



Tropicana Entertainment Complex theme park Tropicana Entertainment Complex theme park
Tropicana 5-star Hotel & Mall Tropicana 5-star Hotel & mall
President Yar'adua inspects tropicana Model President Yar'adua inspects Tropicana model
President Yar'adua in Tropicana ground breaking ceremony President Yar'Adua in Tropicana ground breaking ceremony



Tropicana 10,000-seater dome Tropicana 250 room hotel Tropicana mall and cineplex

Conference Center

A large Dome for sport and entertainment activities with an overall area of 15,500 square meters which will provide seating capacity for more than 10,000 persons. As for example a Heavy Weight Championship from which the Akwa Ibom State Government will be paid royalties to the tune of 20 Million Dollars from every event for beaming the fight worldwide. Likewise the dome is made to draw international and local celebrities, exhibitions, etc. It could also be rented for political conventions and the like. The Dome will amortize its construction cost in less than 5 years.

250 Rooms 5-Star Hotel

The Hotel has 15 floors including its ground floor, with a 24 hours Cafe/ Lounge-Bar, and Continental Restaurant at ground floor, the Banquet Hall is located at the Ground Floor in a separate structure connected to the hotel via a internal covered walkway.


The Hotel will be provided with a Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Gymnasium Center, etc the hotel is designed to International Standards in order for its facilities to be certified by Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Holliday-In, and Intercontinental Hotels; one of which will eventually manage the hotel. The built-up area of the hotel will be 3,500 square meters.

Mall and Cineplex

The Mall and a Cineplex which will contain; several types of retail Shops, Eateries, Coffee Shops, Five Cinemas as well as Atriums. The Mall will include a kindergarten facility to assist parents in their daily activities as well as staff working in the mall etc. The retail facilities will be selected to reduce competition. It is expected to attract world class retailers such as Marks & Spencers, Maey's and additionally Home Appliances Supennarket will be provided and an office Depot store, and office and residential furniture show rooms.


The Mall and Cineplex will cover an area of 22,000 square meters.

Plan view of Tropicana 10,000-seater dome Plan view of Tropicana 250 room hotel

Tropicana Park

The IBOM TROPICANA PARK: will be one of its kind in Nigeria because of its various facilities and wet and dry parks. It will be eventually managed by an experienced International electro-mechanical maintenance finn together with Silver bird.

The theme park will comprise two sections a wet park and a dry park accessed from two different gates. The wet park will have its administration services / food outlets / toilets / box office / Kiosk near the main entrance while the wet rides consist of : 
  • Wave Pool
  • TOTS Pool Slide
  • Lazy River Ride
  • Activity Pool/Play Structure
  • Inner Tube Slide
  • High Thrill Slide
This section of the Park will have its own mechanical, electrical and plumbing maintenance offices and team.

As for the Dry Park it will have at the main entrance the Box Office, Toilets, Retail Kiosks (Souvenirs, Shirts, Caps etc). The Dry Park will have the following main structures/rides: 
  • Mini Jets
  • Kiddie Wheel
  • Mini Tower
  • TeaCups
  • Space Gun
  • Giant Wheel (33 meters)
  • Drop Zone
  • Bumper Cars
  • Pirate ship
  • Jolly Jump
  • Top Dancer
  • Traffic Jam
  • Family Coaster
  • Comic Shows in Open Theater
There will also be several retail kiosks all around the Park. It is also interesting to note that a stream bisects the Theme Park, and in order to enhance the ecosystem a small barrage will be erected to create an artificial lake to increase the birds habitat.

External Works / Site Works

The main external works (i.e.: site works) consist of "see through fence" to encourage visitors to access the site gates, and a network of roads which has been designed with proper drainage facilities to maintain the ecosystem as much as possible


The site landscaping plan befits the needs of the various structures in the complex and attempts to maintain the ecosystem as much as possible

Utilities Building

The utilities building will house the Generators, the Automatic/Manual Change Over Switch, High voltage Switch Gear, the Low Voltage Gear, The Control Room. The Transformers, the Diesel Tanks, the Site Management Offices and the Technicians rest rooms.

Multi Storey Car Park

State of Destination

The project will eventually have a multi¬storey car park located near the mall. This structure will provide spaces for 520 car parks, and another 800 surface car parks will be provided around the site.

A car park is planned across the main road and accessed via a pedestrian overhead bridge. Additionally a "Park and Ride" facility will be provided by medium buses shuttling between the adjacent parking space across the road and the Dome during main events.
Eventually Akwa lbom will become a State of Destination and not of passage through because the Tropicana International Complex which will be used by local visitors and tourists will be completed by the time the international airport will be operational and which by the time other accommodation facilities in Uyo.

Needless to state a lot of people visit Paris with their children to pass some time in EURO Disney. This Tropicana park will therefore allow families and groups to remain inside the complex and or have fun.
AIM Consultants Ltd the Architects and Engineers on the project alongside Cost Unk Associates Quantity Surveyors as well as GreyHawk have began their services, prepared documents and are now supervising the works.
Tropicana multi-storey car park Tropicana dry park Tropicana wet park
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