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""this administration has recorded tremendous achievements in the area of capital projects and programmes. These include a massive construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads and bridges in the state. Attention was also given to maintenance of electricity supply, installation, and reactivation of street light along major streets of the state capital, provision of infrastructures through inter-ministerial direct labour and disbursement of grant to University Teaching Hospital (UUTH) Uyo. Contract has also been awarded for the renovation of Ikot Ekpene, Eket and Oron general hospitals in order to train the health interns in the state. Provision was also made for a take off grant on the policy of free and compulsory education at the primary and post primary levels. The administration also focused its attention on the completion of Ibom Power Plant and the International Airport project"

"This year, over 500 communities benefited from electricity and water projects executed by the Inter-ministerial Direct Labour Committee. Encouraged by the overwhelming positive response of the benefitting communities, government will in the year 2009 extend the electricity and water projects to all the hooks and crannies in our rural communities"

Electrification that was top priority in 2008 became second in 2009, howbeit, with as much as 101 projects, up from 97 in 2008 to bite 19% of the 2009 delivery pie. Such electrification projects involve the delivery of high capacity step-down transformers and wiring of these transformers to the high tension source of the national grid, followed by the laying of poles and stringing them to the transformers. When this is delivered, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) then connects patch cords to the poles and supply electricity to final consumers through regular PHCN meters.
Chart of Distribution of Akwa Ibom State Interministerial Projects Against Project Types

Flourishing Promises   

In 2009 the government had succeeded at symbiotically resonating with Akwa Ibom local communities, taking the needs of the people as inalienable dividends of democracy, established several people oriented policies and programmes, and defined the people as the focal point and fulcrum of the dynamics of the administration. On account of principled people agenda the government targeted the building of a dynamic, prosperous, and productive people and intrinsically tripled the delivery of projects in 2009 to 529 from the 188 of 2008.

The strategic direction of the state in 2009 was the programme of free and compulsory education with the attendant infrastructure requirements, policies, finance, personnel, processes, and supply chain management. The inter-ministerial direct labour coordinating committee therefore yielded to support this strategic direction by injecting infrastructure required to support the programme which attracted 62% of delivery count with 327 school building projects in every local government area of the state against only 22 in 2008. Besides, with the government’s position that each local government will have at least two model free boarding schools, it became imperative to rehabilitate and construct befitting school buildings in every community of the state to promote a culture of equal opportunity and equal access for all Akwa Ibom children.

Rekindled Hopes

Mini water projects took 9% delivery in 2009 with 47 water projects, up from 28 in 2008. 22 LGAs benefited from the mini water projects with Mkpat Enin and Ibeno benefiting the most with 5 of such water projects each.

With government commitment to overhaul the health care system in the state, health facilities took 7% of the 2009 project distribution with 35 health facilities projects, up from 19 in 2008 and spread across 17 local government areas with such projects as rehabilitation or construction of laboratories, hospital wards, staff quarters, perimeter fence and gates, as well as service halls.

There were 17 civic building projects in 2009 that took 3% of the delivery in 10 LGAs with such structures as motherless babies homes, town halls, market stalls, corpers lodge in Itu, dormitories in Ikot Ekpene children’s home, child welfare clinic in Ukanafun, and skills acquisition center in Udong Uko.

It became easy in 2009 for government to touch base with citizens to demand what they want the administration to do for them. This interraction is to be seen in future deliveries.

Lavishing Deployment

It was an even distribution of projects across all local government areas of the state. All LGAs were touched this time with 12 LGAs receiving in excess of 20 projects. However, Obot Akara and Ini LGAs received the lowest count of projects with 2 and 7 projects respectively. Uyo, the capital city received more projects than other LGAs with 34 projects giving it 6% of 2009 delivery volume, down from 15% with 28 projects in 2008 to underscore an even spread in 2009. Ibeno followed with 25 projects at 5% of total delivery, while Esit Eket landed 24 projects.

The inter-ministerial committee also ventured into the area of roads to complement the state government’s massive road construction by delivering two roads in Esit Eket with a 3Km road at Ikpa and a 2Km road in Edor.

With the 2009 inter-ministerial projects, which were commissioned from 27th January to 23rd April government successfully keyed into the needs of the people with critical transformative structures to raise living standards and bottom out the destabilising effects of poverty for sustainable livelihood for all Akwa Ibom communities.

Chart of Distribution of Akwa Ibom State Interministerial Projects Against Project Types
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